About Us

“To thine own self be true” says Shakespeare in his play, Hamlet. Who, what is that self? How can we be true to it?

“Spirituality is the most natural expression in the world. It is our true and abiding nature” says Mandeville Press author, John-Roger. How is it that we don’t experience this more often?

These and many other questions are answered in the unique and beautifully designed writings published through Mandeville Press.

Featuring the writings of Dr. John-Roger, a NY Times #1 best-selling author and a lecturer of international stature; Dr. John Morton, an internationally recognized educator, counselor and speaker; and Dr. Paul Kaye, internationally known lecturer and humorist – books from Mandeville Press inspire readers to discover and learn to trust their “natural knowing,” the small voice that often speaks but is not often heeded. John-Roger has been speaking around the world since 1963 on a wide range of subjects with a common theme of what he calls “practical spirituality” and “soul transcendence,” bringing awareness to the many levels of human consciousness-body, imagination, emotions, mind and unconscious-and going further into the Soul and how to become aware of and live more fully from it. His focus is on people having a direct experience of their own spirit.

John Morton focuses on spirit in everyday life as well, as reflected in his recent book, The Blessings Already Are. John’s recent travels to South Africa as a guest speaker at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, during which he participated in a major event of the gathering, planting a Peace Pole on Robben Island, reflects his work for individual and world peace.

The material presented in Mandeville Press books is fascinating and unusual. Actress Sally Kirkland shared that “In Spiritual Warrior, John-Roger redefines words like dedication, impeccability, ruthlessness, illusion and truth. Through this book he teaches us acceptance, cooperation, enthusiasm, understanding, empathy, and how to be heroic ‘warriors of love’ in our own lives; he also talks about how to ‘win’ to the benefit of all – complete with material success and spiritual fulfillment.”

In a fast-paced world, Mandeville Press provides moments of peace and answers for the heart, publishing books that promote living a life of integrity and balance, that nurture happiness, health, fulfillment and following each person’s own inner direction in ways that can be tried and tested daily.

Books published by Mandeville run the gamut of life’s topics, from relationships (Relationships: Love, Marriage and Spirit by John-Roger) to sex (Sex, Spirit and You by John-Roger), from spiritual techniques (Inner Worlds of Meditation, Spiritual Warrior and Psychic Protection by John-Roger) to spiritual inspiration (The Blessings Already Are, by John Morton, Loving Each Day and Divine Essence by John-Roger).

The books are designed to be as beautiful and inviting to read as the content is uplifting. “I like books to reflect the value of the information in them,” says production director Stede Barber, “including all the details, from the paper the book is printed on and the quality of the bindings, to the grace of the cover and text design. We aim to create books that last a lifetime-in message, materials and design.”