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Positive Thinker Will Speak, Sign Book in El Paso
by Reprinted from the El Paso Times



God is within all of us and all things, John Morton believes. “The most renewable natural resource in the world is the human being,” Morton says. “No matter how far down people have gone, or how hard a time life has given them, miraculous things happen when they open themselves to their spirit within. They have a power inside that is divine, of God, omnipotent.”

Morton is the author of “The Blessings Already Are.” A book of daily readings that inspire people to take control of their lives and to be grateful for the blessings they already have. He will discuss and sign the book at 3 p.m. Sunday at the West Side Barnes & Noble, 705 Sunland Park Drive.

People limit themselves by their own attitudes, Morton said in a telephone interview from his home in California. Too often, people complain about other people being more fortunate, skilled and smarter, instead of looking at themselves as blessed, as deserving of having good things happen to them, he said.

“One day I had a revelation that resulted in a profound truth.” Morton, 48, said. “The only way to describe this revelation is to say that life is what you make it. I know that’s nothing new, but how many really internalize that realization? Attitude plays a powerful role in what you create.”

Before becoming an author and embarking in his crusade for spirituality and world peace, Morton was a park ranger. He has a degree in renewable natural resources from the University of California at Davis.

“From the beginning, I wanted to work with people,” Morton said. “But a college adviser in high school said professionals who work with people are a dime a dozen and don’t make any money. Go into science, he told me. “After two years as a ranger, I got my master’s in counseling, and here I am.”

Morton is director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, an ecumenical church that teaches practical spirituality and soul transcendence, and of the Institute for Individual and World Peace. Since 1979, the Las Vegas-born self-described military brat has been conducting workshops and seminars, helping people find inner peace and have faith in themselves.

His teachings as well as his writings are deeply inspiring, said Karen Michelle Powell, a volunteer in several community organizations and the mother of three children. She has been to several of Morton’s seminars and has read his book.

“He has inspired me to continue expanding in becoming a better person, in taking more responsibility for doing good in the world around me.” Powell said. “And where better to start than at home with myself? From there it reaches out to my children, with the hope that my inner peace touches all those around me.”

Morton has been in El Paso before to conduct Insight Seminars and workshops for the Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy and other organizations.

Morton is not a religious man in the traditional sense of the word, Powell said. Listening to him is not like listening to a sermon in a church. But he is a very spiritual man, who sees no boundaries in what people can do for themselves to fulfill their own destiny, she said.

For Pamela Tarrantine, Morton’s philosophy of love and peace has been a lifesaver. “He has influenced my life in a very profound way,” said Tarrantine, vice president of organizational development for Big 8 Food Stores. In February, Tarrantine, 47, was diagnosed as having a particularly aggressive type of esophageal cancer. “Less than 10 percent of those affected survive five years,” she said.

Tarrantine had gone to several of Morton’s seminars in El Paso before meeting him in 1988, during a peace awareness trip to Egypt and Israel. Since then, she made the trip again with him and has attended many more of his sessions. She credits the principles learned from him, his presence and his book for the most recent report from her oncologist. There are now no signs of the cancer.

“I’m sort of a miracle, having already survived intense chemotherapy, four surgeries from complications of the chemo, blood transfusions and more. It’s been the perfect opportunity to test my philosophy of love and peace, that something good can come out of this,” she said.

“During one of my lowest moments, when I started to hemorrhage after the chemo and the doctor did not know if he could save my leg, John Morton called me.” Tarrantine said. “He told me to be grateful all this was not happening in a covered wagon. He said I had two choices, and thinking positive was easier to work with.”

Recalling his many visits to El Paso during the past 20 years, Morton said he likes the border and it’s culture. He is learning Spanish. His book has been translated into Spanish.

“I have done a lot of work in Australia and Europe,” he said. “But a great majority of my work involves Spanish-speaking people in Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico and others. I have not yet given talks in Spanish, but I’m learning.”



For over 40 years, John-Roger has traveled the world guiding people to find the Spirit within themselves, and teaching how to live a healthy, loving, peaceful and rewarding life.

In 1968, John-Roger founded the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, through which he has shared the teachings of Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of oneself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality.

For over 10 years John-Roger led groups of up to 150 people on Peace Awareness Trainings throughout the Middle East. His journeys have taken him to such places as the former USSR, Yugoslavia, China, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and throughout Africa, South America, North America, Australia and Europe.

In the late seventies, John-Roger established Network Of Wisdoms (NOW) Productions, which has recorded over 6000 of his seminars, and also produces his national cable TV show, “That Which Is.” Besides his own show, John-Roger has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and been a featured guest on “Larry King Live.””

His influence extends into the educational arena, as he is the founder, and now chancellor of the University of Santa Monica (USM). USM offers Master’s degrees in Spiritual Psychology. He is the founder and chancellor of Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS), which offers Master of Spiritual Science (M.S.S.) and Doctor of Spiritual Science (D.S.S.) degrees; PTS headquarters is home to Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. He is the founder and chairman of the board of Insight Seminars which offers experiential, transformational seminars; he is the founder and first president of the Institute of Individual and World Peace; and he is the founder and spiritual adviser of the Heartfelt Foundation.

John-Roger is a prolific writer, with over 55 books to his name and 4 Bestsellers, including a #1 NY Times Bestseller. John-Roger’s recent books, The Rest of Your Life, Serving & Giving, and Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being (all written with Dr. Paul Kaye), his most recent book, The Wayshower and the three volume masterpiece Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise and many others are available for order online through and are in bookstores nationwide. To keep up with his writing, he founded Mandeville Press, an independent publishing house that publishes books offering a contemporary look at ancient wisdom.

John-Roger has also recently produced two feature films, Spiritual Warriors (2007) and The Wayshower (2012), both co-produced and co-written with student and actor Dr. Jsu Garcia. The Wayshower, also co-directed by John-Roger and Jsu Garcia, is inspired by the book of the same name, and is currently available on iTunes for download. His first feature film, Spiritual Warriors inspired by his book, Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living has screened around the world in 57 cities across 25 countries, and is also available on iTunes for download.

John-Roger and Garcia are currently in post-production on their third feature film, the feature length documentary Mystical Traveler: The Life and Times of John-Roger which is scheduled for release and to tour the film festival circuit in 2013.

John-Roger has also recently released audio book versions for Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being and Spiritual Warrior, and will release The Way Out Book Audio Book in July 2012. Together with Jsu Garcia, he has also released the widely used The Wayshower iApp for iPhone and iPad.

In all that he does, John-Roger encourages people to check out for themselves the information he presents and, through their own experience, see how it works to bring them more abundance, joy and loving in their lives. He has transformed the lives of many people by educating them in the wisdom of the Spiritual Heart. The common thread throughout all of John-Roger’s work is loving – of self and others, and God – and encouragement for each person to discover that loving within, for that is where God also dwells.

Learn and Let Go: You Are the Blessings Webcast, Part II

by Terilee Wunderman, photos by Alexandra DeFurio

John Morton & Leigh Taylor-Young

Author John Morton with Host Leigh Taylor-Young during Part 2 of the “You Are the Blessings” webcast series, August 16, 2008

Click here to view a photo slideshow by Alexandra DeFurio from Part 2 of the “You Are The Blessings” webcast series with John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young, August 16, 2008.

Our second webcast in the new “You Are the Blessings” webcast series with author John Morton and Emmy Award Winning Actress Leigh Taylor-Young brought me back to that simple, perfect reminder that loving is a key to the blessings — loving ourselves, loving one another, and loving all of God’s creation. It’s such a beautiful, sweet and practical message — one we can use in each and every moment. What a blessing!

My webcast buddy, Jean, and I were especially touched when the lovely Leigh Taylor-Young warmly welcomed all of us together from around the world and within the room in Santa Monica. In turn, Jean and I welcomed everyone into our hearts in this special gathering of the blessings that already are.

Leigh thanked our sponsors, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), and its beloved founder, John-Roger, DSS one of Jean and my favorite spiritual teachers. John-Roger’s teachings include a wealth of books, study materials, workshops, seminars and classes offered throughout the world to help us know the truth of our divinity.

Leigh then introduced our beloved author John Morton, DSS to discuss the messages in his new book, You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us, the basis for the webcast series. John is the Spiritual Director of MSIA and travels around the world helping people discover the good in everything. I loved how John began to explain what he considers blessings to be — greater good — and then took us right into a gentle meditation of experiencing the blessings of who we are. John’s words flowed naturally, both inspiring and comforting us at once.

Leigh Taylor-Young

Host Leigh Taylor-Young with John Morton’s book “You Are the Blessings”

Using quotes from John’s book along with provocative questions, Leigh and John engaged in a dialogue of practical wisdom about discovering the blessings in ourselves and our challenges. Participants in the room, as well as viewers from the Internet, shared touching blessings stories, useful comments and questions to spark the discussion further, encouraging us to learn more about who we are as Souls and as one with God.

Although Jean and I knew we could write in our questions, we were delighted to hear how our questions, even ones we hadn’t thought of, were answered spontaneously throughout the program. Perhaps next time we’ll choose a question to ask. Perhaps we’ll send it in, hear it read, and get a prize — not only John’s blessed response but also the free books and study materials given away so generously during each webcast. More blessings yet to unfold!

I heard John remind us that everything in God’s creation has a purpose, even difficult or challenging circumstances. John suggested we use everything for our learning, upliftment and growth — one of the groundrules of MSIA. Leigh reminded us of two more MSIA groundrules — take care of yourself so you can help take care of others, and don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others — simple guidelines that I find helpful in every area of my life. Leigh then shared a beautiful and comforting quote from John’s book about the perfection and enduring quality of our Souls in our learning:

“Your Soul is never diminished. It is never broken. It is never handicapped or sick. It does not die. The Soul thrives entirely, and it thrives on everything in life.”

– John Morton (From: You Are the Blessings, p. 225)

As we further explored the theme of our class, “Learn and Let Go,” I heard John remind us to “Let God” as well. John suggested that we are all learning about our relationship with God in our own individual ways. So keep choosing to let go, have patience, and ask for God’s help. I appreciated John’s suggestion to remember to have forgiveness for our humanness as we move forward in our spiritual learning and growth — a humbling and helpful reminder that forgiveness is another key to the blessings.

Regarding a question about what is the spiritual promise, John suggested we take the opportunity to learn more by exploring two of John-Roger’s wonderful books on the subject, The Spiritual Promise and Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise. These are both precious resources filled with information and inspiration for knowing ourselves as one with God.

For a question about how to be loving in this world, John reminded us to first love ourselves and look to how we can increase our loving — more powerful keys to the blessings. Even in challenging situations or times of disappointment, John encouraged us to look for the learning, for what is of benefit to us, and how we have an opportunity to grow. John suggested that some conditions in our lives may call upon us to pay more attention and be more caring. Leigh then shared an inspiring Reflection about learning from the “Spirit” section in John’s book:

“The blessing is that you are always learning what is important for your growth and fulfillment. That is an eternal blessing by God for you and everyone. Any situation that teaches you what is important and what is not important is a blessing.” – John Morton (From: You Are the Blessings, p. 234).

In closing, Leigh reassured us of the blessings we already are with this sweet, simple yet profoundly helpful quote from John’s book:

“Most important is to remember that life itself—this moment, this breath—is a great blessing and vote of confidence that we are all doing fine.”

– John Morton (From: You Are the Blessings, p. 9).

I enjoyed the way we closed our time together with John providing another comforting meditation — this time about acceptance, letting go and letting God. After Jean and I were lulled by the sweetness of John’s words, we gave our thanks for each other, the blessings, the learning, and this wonderful opportunity again to choose the greater good. We’re looking forward to gathering together with everyone next time to discover even more how we are the Blessings!

Baruch Bashan — The Blessings Already Are

To watch the Archive of this webcast as well as Part I: Know God and Know Who You Are, go to

To purchase
You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us, download an accompanying class journal, or listen to a meditation by John Morton, visit

Join us for “You Are the Blessings, Part III: Love and Be Loved” on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 6:30 PM PDT at 2101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, California and on the internet

A Perfect Debut: The New “You Are the Blessings” Webcast Series

by Terilee Wunderman, photos by David Sand

John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young

John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young on the set of the You Are the Blessings webcast series

Click here to view a photo slideshow by David Sand from Part 1 of the “You Are The Blessings” webcast series with John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young, July 26, 2008.

“The willingness to look for the love, to focus on the loving, is the greatest key I know to discovering who God is. And whenever you choose loving, you bless yourself and everything around you with God’s love.”
– John Morton (From: You Are the Blessings, p. 86)

Part One: Know God & Know Who You Are

The exciting debut of the new “You Are the Blessings” webcast series began with our lovely host, Emmy-award-winning actress and long-time MSIA student Leigh Taylor-Young, introducing us to the new format — a series of interviews with John Morton, DSS, Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) and author of the new book, You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us. The excitement and joy were palpable as Leigh welcomed us all with her tender devotion and delightful enthusiasm. A gorgeous new set decorated with warm, cozy backdrops and big, comfy easy chairs marked this beautiful first part of the series, and provided a divine invitation for all of us to “Know God & Know Who You Are.”

With exquisite grace and precious humor, Leigh called us forward into the Light of God, reminding us to honor who we truly are which is loving. We then chanted together Ani Hu, an ancient name for God that brings forward the quality of empathy. Along with participants gathered in two rooms in Santa Monica, the main Ballroom and an overflow room, viewers tuned in from 24 communities around the world, including: Australia, Israel, Nigeria, South America, Hawaii and throughout the continental United States. What a grand and glorious way to share the blessings of who we are!

Leigh let us know that MSIA, a nondenominational church founded by John-Roger, DSS, sponsored the webcast. MSIA is based on practical spirituality and provides a wealth of materials in several languages focusing on Soul Transcendence, which is to know ourselves as Soul and as one with God.

Many of us watched the webcast in Group Viewings. Volunteers around the world opened their homes to newcomers as well as long-time students to enjoy the webcast together and share more fully the blessings of who we are. Some groups watched on computer screens while others connected through flat screen televisions.

With my dear friend, Jean, whose home doesn’t have an internet connection, we enjoyed the webcast together thanks to my laptop, wireless aircard, and portable mini-speakers — not to mention the One who was with us as we gathered in His name. Our blessings overflowed as we shared in this happy beginning right here at home. From Jean’s comfy couch, our two-some group cheered and applauded with everyone on screen and in our hearts as Leigh welcomed John Morton to the stage.

Leigh referred to John as “The Blessings Man,” noting his unique and inspiring ability to see the blessings in all people and things. Through Leigh’s poignant questions accompanied by moving quotes from John’s new book, we enjoyed the sweet, loving repartee John and Leigh shared as they brought forward many of the powerful, endearing messages found in “You Are the Blessings.”

John referred to blessings as greater good and reminded us that The Blessings Already Are which is the title of John’s first book. Regardless of our religious beliefs, John suggested the blessings are available and all we need to do is ask to know who we are in our Divine self. John encouraged us to remember we are goodness all the time and to be open to learning how each and every situation is a benefit to us. Trust to see the good in everything, John encouraged us, and be open to becoming “Blessings Men, Women, Boys and Girls.”

John Morton

John Morton, spiritual director of MSIA and author of “You Are the Blessings”

John shared personal stories of his knowing God and discovering the blessings. From laying on the ground as a little boy contemplating the stars, to getting injured in a Little League baseball game, to getting fired from a job twice, John reminded us that knowing God is about knowing the truth and being willing to look for a greater truth. When we don’t know, John suggested being open to not knowing and to loving things the way they are, including ourselves. Each of us determines our own correct way to know God, John reminded us, and our awareness comes from our own personal experience. Even when we don’t like something or we react personally, John suggested we be willing turn to the loving and be the love, which we may find very humbling.

When asked about the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, John referred to John-Roger’s teachings about a wayshower that we all have within us that helps us know the purpose of our being in the world as Souls. John referred to the Traveler as a friend or inner master and reminded us that it’s not important what we call it but to remember that we are loved exactly how we are. To do so, John encouraged us to do Spiritual Exercises often and with devotion to the truth of our being.

Participants in the room and via the Internet shared blessings stories, focusing on claiming the blessings. Stories included awareness of the blessings in having health challenges, dealing with disillusionments, and enjoying the simple things in life. Much heartfelt gratitude was expressed through participant’s sharings as we all became more aware of the blessings that already are.

Sur-prizing everyone, John gave each participant who shared, both in the room and via the Internet, a new copy of You Are the Blessings. In addition, some participants received the blessings of First Year Soul Awareness Discourses, the hallmark study materials of John-Roger’s teachings.

As our webcast came to a close, Leigh encouraged us to follow-up on our awakenings by downloading the first installment of the new “You Are the Blessings” Online Journal, available for free at The journal is filled with beautiful quotes from John’s book and useful questions for furthering our discovery of ourselves as the blessings. John then guided us in a beautiful closing meditation of knowing the truth of ourselves as one with God. Indeed, we truly are the Blessings!

To watch the Archive of “You Are the Blessings” Part One: Know God & Know Who You Are, go to To purchase the book, “You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us,” along with its accompanying CD of meditations and blessings, go to or Barnes and

Be sure to tune in to the next webcast, “You Are the Blessings” Part Two: Learn & Let Go, on Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time, at or come be in our live studio audience at 2101 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica, CA.

To learn more about Group Viewings and to read and share Blessings Stories online, visit

Baruch Bashan (which means The Blessings Already Are)

A Lovely Book Launch for John Morton’s New Book “You Are the Blessings”

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
by Penelope Bright, photos by David Sand

John Morton book launch for "You Are The Blessings"

John Morton at the book launch for his new book “You Are The Blessings” at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles, March 18, 2008

Click here to view a photo slideshow by David Sand from the “You Are The Blessings” book launch with John Morton, March 18, 2008.

The air was cool and crisp in Los Angeles, as my husband and I walked the few blocks from our home to the world famous Farmers Market, and on to the Barnes & Noble at The Grove. People came from all over the city to participate in John Morton’s book launch and signing of his gorgeous new book, You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.

There is a special area on the third floor of Barnes & Noble at the Grove set aside for group meetings, with rows of folding chairs. This was where our event was being held. John’s book was perched throughout the store, near the cashiers and all over the shelves. With its exquisite cover photo of a tiny, beautiful baby the book has an instant pull on the heart.

The NOW Productions crew had already been at the store for several hours, setting up video and audio recording equipment, lighting the space for best advantage, and running microphones and speakers so that everyone within earshot could hear. Angel Gibson, Olga Schmal and their team of volunteers set out food –cookies, coffee, tea, and delicious treats of all kinds, while outside dusk quietly descended.

John-Roger You Are The Blessings

John-Roger at the book launch for John Morton’s new book “You Are The Blessings”, March 18, 2008

The Barnes and Noble representative introduced Leigh Taylor-Young, who spoke briefly and eloquently about John’s new book, and then introduced John Morton. Also sitting up front at the side of the room (a special treat) were John-Roger and Michael Hayes, along with Nat Sharratt.

John spoke from his heart, generously, giving loving wisdom and good humor. He was splendid and transcendent, and spoke about the true nature of who we are, freedom from negativity, and freeing our imprisoned selves. He recommended assisting others through service, letting go, and clearing. In that way, we all contribute to the Greater Good.

And then John spoke the magic words, “Baruch Bashan,” which mean “The Blessings Already Are”, and John brought his talk to an end. Everyone who had bought a book or three lined up, and John began autographing, personalizing each book in a very special way. Word has it that he stayed until the very last book was signed. That’s our beloved John Morton. He is a blessing — and you are the blessings too.

You Are the Blessings by John Morton, DSS is available for purchase online at and Barnes and Noble and in your local bookstore.

“The Rest of Your Life” Book Launch with Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles

by Ania Sara, photos by David Sand

JR and Paul Kaye

Dr. Paul Kaye (left) and Dr. John-Roger at the book launch for their latest book “The Rest of Your Life” at Barnes & Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles, November 30, 2007

Click here to view a photo slideshow by David Sand from “The Rest of Your Life” book with John-Roger & Paul Kaye.

On Friday evening, November 30th, I made my way to Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles for the book launch of the new book The Rest Of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved by Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye. I was excited to be reporting on this particular event because Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye can be as humorous as they are knowledgeable and inspiring when writing about practical spirituality.

I arrived early and found NOW Productions setting up. On the third floor, where the event was held, there was the buzz of excitement and busy bees making sure every detail was handled before guests started to arrive.

Before the start of the event, the entire area was full of people buying a multitude of The Rest of Your Life books. It was a standing-room-only event that extended itself out into the rows of bookshelves throughout the third floor.

Dr. Paul Kaye began the evening, speaking about the creation of the book in his insightful and witty way. Paul told us about wanting more ease and rest in life and how the book naturally evolved from that. Paul then took a poll of the audience, asking how many people would like more rest in their life. We got quite a few hands in the air.
Paul then spoke about relaxing and the simple act of watching our breathing. Paul had us pause for ten seconds to experience the natural flow of our breath. He went on to explain and demonstrate breathing as a way to rest and to experience the Beloved inside. “Be loved,” he said, and the experience of the Beloved filled the room.

Paul then read a passage from the book about ordinariness. It was a wonderful story from John-Roger about ordinariness being a prior condition to God. That one story is worth the full price of the book! Don’t miss out on reading it!

Dr. John-Roger then joined Paul to take questions from the audience. John-Roger shared about being the Beloved inside of us. The message was to love who you are, relax and enjoy yourself, laugh and be happy, enjoy others and let go of judgments. During this very lively question and answer portion of our evening there was continuous joy and laughter in the group and both John-Roger and Paul Kaye were very funny the entire time. John-Roger was also profound, in a way that cannot be described in words, it was a gift to all of us who were there to partake. And, Paul picked up the ball from J-R on many occasions, skillfully answering questions with truths from the book and in his own inimitable style.

There were many people stopping in the store to see what all the laughter was about. The Light was very present, Spirit was sweeping through the room. After the Q&A session was complete, it was booksigning time and the line wound throughout the third floor. Participants joyfully waited in line to get their books signed by J-R and Paul and to have their moment of loving with both of them.

This book is a must have. It’s beautifully put together and would make a delightful holiday gift for friends and family. It is available online now at and Barnes and Noble.

God Bless each and every one of you reading this now, and happy holidays.

And this from Angel Gibson:

J-R and Paul went until the store closed at 11pm signing books. So far the tally of books sold is over 442 (the store asked to have the last 3 books autographed to sell there). We also sold several of J-R’s classic books, some of which were Loving Each Day, What’s It Like Being You? and Forgiveness.

One of the sales clerks told me that at least one person who was not “at” the event, but was overhearing the event, asked to buy The Rest of Your Life book that was being sold at the event in addition to their own purchases. What also was refreshing to me was the number of younger people who came over because of the buzz and party atmosphere…several of them stayed for quite a while at the event, listening as they were munching on goodies and having something to drink.

Love, Grace and so much joy abounded.

Dr. John-Roger & Dr. Pauli Sanderson Launch Their New Book “When Are You Coming Home?” To A Standing-Room-Only Crowd in Los Angeles

by Penelope Bright, photos by David Sand

JR at "When Are You Coming Home" Book Signing

John-Roger at the launch of his new book, co-authored by Dr. Pauli Sanderson, “When Are You Coming Home?”

November 23rd, 2003, at Barnes & Noble Bookstore at The Grove

Click here for the photo slideshow from John-Roger and Pauli Sanderson’s Book Launch of When Are You Coming Home?.

A festive atmosphere greeted everyone arriving at The Grove on Sunday, November 23rd in Los Angeles, as MSIAers flocked to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore where Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Pauli Sanderson launched their new book, When Are You Coming Home?The third floor of the bookstore was overflowing with eager participants who filled all of the available chairs and then spilled out into the book aisles, standing anywhere that they could find space.

The Barnes & Noble representative introduced John-Roger and Dr. Pauli Sanderson. John-Roger began his talk by reading passages from the book, and then answered questions from individuals in the audience. He was funny, gracious, generous with his time, and obviously full of merriment as he spoke about patterns of addiction, about gossiping and its effects, and about why human beings do the things they do.

Then J-R turned the proceedings over to Pauli Sanderson. As a former colleague of J-R’s prior to his MSIA days and also the first administrator of MSIA, Pauli’s stories and anecdotes from the “early days” of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness are many, varied, and often very funny. Stories from J-R’s life can be found in the When Are You Coming Home? book. Pauli was charming as she told about her (seven year) process of putting the book together. Pauli took questions from the audience too, after J-R lovingly encouraged her to talk longer.

Over 600 books were sold (reserves had to be brought in!), and just about everyone stood in line to have their books autographed by both authors. Everyone, that is, except the Peace Theological Seminary’s Doctoral students who were under time constraints to return to their class in Santa Monica. Line standing is one of the more venerable traditions in MSIA, often leading to laughter, catching up with old friends, romances, and occasional dancing (it was very entertaining watching David Rodgers, of the Institute for Individual & World Peace, learning a few new samba moves from the adorable Ariel Downs, age 13 and an avid ballroom enthusiast!). The Farmers Market/Grove retail area was also holding a televised tree lighting ceremony starring Jack Espey as their Santa Claus. Jack, formerly of the Windermere Ranch, sports “Santa whiskers” all year round — a definite plus in this season!

MSIA’s marketing staff provided great service as usual, gathering books for the Doctoral students, bringing them to the 2101 Wilshire building in Santa Monica, and then low and behold, John-Roger showed up at the end of class to sign the students’ books. He and Pauli sat in the lobby at 2101 signing books until all of the students’ books were signed. What a treat!

You can buy the When Are You Coming Home Book at your local bookstore or online at Don’t miss these fascinating stories from John-Roger’s life. The book takes you on John-Roger’s spiritual journey and will energize and provide insights into your own. Enjoy!

To Afghanistan and Back: Author John Morton Reports on First-Hand Experiences with Relief Efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan

by Mandeville Press staff

January 29, 2002: John Morton D.S.S., author of The Blessings Already Are, returned this past weekend from Afghanistan and Pakistan where he was doing humanitarian aid support work. Mr. Morton’s first-hand experiences in the medical clinics and refugee camps give us a timely, inside look at the people, the culture, and the current situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mr. Morton was assisting in the humanitarian efforts of Wheels for Humanity, a California-based nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs to people in need, and the Pakistani Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), a relief organization in Pakistan and Afghanistan. During his visit to Afghanistan, Mr. Morton was received by a group of local doctors in association with PIMA and other nongovernmental organization (NGOs).

The doctors took Mr. Morton on an extensive tour of the hospitals and clinics that are the backbone of relief efforts in Afghanistan, and Mr. Morton returns to the United States having seen first-hand what life is like behind the scenes of news reports on TV. He has many insights and stories to share about a country and people who have endured generations of war on their own soil.

Mr. Morton has traveled the world extensively to serve and assist others, often in difficult circumstances, including the Middle East, South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, and most recently Afghanistan. He is known for his ability to find the blessings in any situation, and to assist others in doing the same.

John Morton is available for interviews from January 28 until February 3, when he leaves the country again for Australia. Topics he can speak about include:

• First-hand experiences of the Afghani and Pakistani people, and how they related to him as an American
• Stories of the relief medical clinics, facilities and doctors, including his experiences visiting the Mir Weil Hospital while al-Qaida fighters were holed up there refusing to surrender
• The great need for charity work and volunteer assistance in Afghanistan
• Experiences traveling in Afghanistan and Pakistan
• Experiences of the refugee camps
• How Americans can come to terms with the threat of terrorism
• How to find the blessings even in the midst of difficult situations

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And the Winner Is…DIVINE ESSENCE

John-Roger’s book Divine Essence wins Benjamin Franklin Award by Nathaniel Sharratt, photos by Nathaniel

Divine Essence News 01

Vincent Dupont accepts Benjamin Franklin award on behalf of Mandeville Press, May 31st 2001.

May 31st, 2001 at The Chicago Hilton and Tower’s ballroom
Players: John-Roger and his book, “Divine Essence”, Vincent Dupont, Stede Barber, Angel Gibson, Marilyn Dupont, Nathaniel Sharratt, & David Sand.

The Benjamin Franklin Awards are sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association (PMA), and celebrate excellence in editorial and design for titles published in 2000. The awards are open to all, meaning that the big publishing houses (Random House, Warner Books, etc) compete alongside small independent presses (such as Mandeville Press). Judges for the Benjamin Franklin Awards come from all areas of the industry: major newspaper and trade media reviewers, bookstore and library buyers and reviewers, non-competing publishers, artists and writers who serve the industry.

My legs squirmed under the table and the temperature in the room seemed to keep rising. Hearing the names of the winners being announced for each category, our name and category seemed as distant as my home in California. The nervous anticipation was barely tolerable though I knew it was just a matter of time…

The time did finally arrive, and on the oversized screen they displayed the old and the revised editions of “Divine Essence” and its two competitors (Canoeing and Camping: Beyond the Basics, The Globe Pequot Press; The Route 66 Cookbook, Council Oak Books).

“Finally.” I thought.

The screen went black…

The opening of the envelope echoed through the microphone, while under my breath, just below the hearing level of others, I cheered for J-R’s book, “C’mon. C’mon!”

“And the winner of this year’s Benjamin Franklin award for Most Improved Redesign:

DIVINE ESSENCE by John-Roger, published by Mandeville Press.”

“Ouuuuu!” cooed Angel.

Vincent shot out of his seat and was half way to the stage before Stede recovered from the shock. Marilyn was steadily holding the video camera, capturing the moment in its fullness. As for myself, I threw my arms into the air as if I had just won the Olympic gold!

Vincent gave the acceptance speech with Angel and Stede at his side. I took some photos while my hands shook with excitement.

After the award, we called J-R to tell him the good news, to which he replied, “Tell everyone in our group that dinner is on me tonight!”

And what a night it was!

For more information about the book “Divine Essence”, click here.

To purchase the book “Divine Essence” online, click here.

Divine Essence News 02

Cover designer, David Sand

Divine Essence News 03

Stede Barber & Vincent Dupont receive award

Divine Essence News 04

Vincent Dupont gives acceptance speech on behalf of Mandeville Press

Divine Essence News 05

Mandeville Press team (left to right): Angel Gibson, Nathaniel Sharratt, Stede Barber, Vincent Dupont, Marilyn Dupont

John-Roger Awarded Peace Maker of the Year

by World Art Expressions



World Art Expressions, a non-profit organization to promote world visual and performing arts founded in 1997, is proud to announce the recipients of its “Peace Maker of the Year” award of the year 2000. The organization selected author and educator John-Roger to be the Peace Maker of the Year, because of his dedication to promote peace worldwide.

John-Roger founded the Institute for Individual and World Peace in 1982. Its mission is to promote the experience of peace by providing opportunities for individuals to experience peace directly by participating in workshops, seminars and special events. Such programs include: One Accord: The Process Toward Peace workshops, The Spirit of Service Celebration and others. A celebrated author, John-Roger’s books include “The Tao of Spirit”, “Spiritual Warrior”, “Forgiveness: the Key to the Kingdom”, “Baraka”, and “The Way Out Book”, among many others, all of them delivering the message of peace through the search for spiritual awakening. As the founder of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, John-Roger has offered thousands of seminars and lectures in the United States and many countries for over thirty years. In his efforts of assist people to discover their spirituality, he also founded the University of Santa Monica and the Heartfelt Foundation, among other charitable organizations.

The award is a beautiful bronze sculpture created by Cuban artist and an over-thirty year Chicago resident, Elation Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez’ works have been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC and in galleries and museums of the United States, Europe and Latin America.

The award will be presented to John-Roger at the opening of World Art Expressions’ PeaceMusic2000 concert at Preston Bradley Hall (Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington St. in Chicago) on Sunday, October 8, 2000 at 1:00 p.m. This is a free concert in celebrations of the United Nations’ Year for the Culture of Peace.