Reviews for “Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom”

Forgiveness: The Key To The Kingdom

Forgiveness: The Key To The Kingdom by John-Roger, D.S.S.

We may find it hard to forgive ourselves for being imperfect, perhaps because we tried to be faultless as children to avoid punishment. That contrasts wildly with the concept that we’re made in God’s image. It creates a fundamental and self-destructive emotional conflict that weaves through the whole personality and requires a thousand little treatments. John-Roger offers a book of short reflections on the subject of self forgiveness as a form of Christ-consciousness, of acknowledging the God within. For example, when you make a mistake, learn from it and don’t dwell on it; God is in the business of forgiveness; don’t dwell on the past, it no longer exists; take your authority back and stop giving it away to memories. A good bed-side, chair-side book.

Audrey DeLaMartre
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Forgiveness: The Key to the Kindgom by John-Roger is my Bible. I carry it with me everywhere. It teaches me to forgive myself on a daily basis, forgive my judgements against myself and ANY other Soul. It carries so much truth and compassion, no matter what page I turn to, my heart bursts

Sally Kirkland

Excellent, soothing and healing book

Forgiveness – something we all have had to do sometime in our life. John-Roger really helps facilitates the healing we all need to do on this issue. Forgiveness of self is really expounded upon and had a profound effect on me. This book is full of compassion, wit and wisdom. It is one of those books that you will want to refer to again and again. Just open to any page and let the love and wisdom pour over you and heal you. This book is indeed a healing book. There is a “gem” contained on each and every page. God’s eternal message of love and forgiveness is lovingly portrayed and no where is blame or guilt to be found. Teaching one with love and compassion, we are guided to walk a path of love and not a path of revenge and hate. I just finished Joel Rothschild’s book, Signals, where he, too talks about forgiveness and how if one does not forgive, the anger and hate can fester inside us and cause disease. As John-Roger states, “Don’t judge, forgive and then forget it.” “As you change behavior, you change the emotion. As you change the emotion, you change the thinking. As you change the thinking, you’re getting wisdom. As you gain wisdom, you go into forgiveness.” This is an EXCELLENT book to bring you back into forgiveness with gentleness. Often, we are the roughest with ourselves. Do something good for yourself – go out and get this book and be prepared to have your heart opened. Let the tears fall and open the way for cleansing to begin. You will NOT be disappointed. One of the best books I have read in a long time on forgiveness. I highly recommend this book!