Reviews for “Living The Spiritual Principles Of Health And Well-Being”

Living The Spiritual Principles Of Health And Well-Being

Living The Spiritual Principles Of Health And Well-Being by John-Roger, D.S.S. & Paul Kaye, D.S.S.

Modern science has gone too far in diminishing humankind’s spiritual greatness. A new image of consciousness is arising, however, in which the role of love, compassion, and intention — the core of spirituality — is being restored. Science now shows that adherence to a spiritual path is correlated with a longer, healthier life. The bottom line: love heals. This remarkable book shows how.

Larry Dossey, MD

Author: Healing Words and The Power of Premonition

With this book, John-Roger has succeeded in merging the grace of wisdom with the spiritual principles of health, creating what promises to be a seminal work in human consciousness. Everyone who reads this masterpiece gives themselves an experience in healing.

Caroline Myss
Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

This book is a wonderful read by a very spiritual leader.

Sylvia Browne
Spiritual Teacher & Psychic: Author of Life on the Other Side & Adventures of a Psychic

A brilliant Soulful guide to optimum health on all levels!!!
A must for everyone seeking the Truth.

Catharina Hedberg
Co-owner, The Ashram Retreat, Calabasas, Ca.

LOVING the book! Will have it here on Friday for you.. but GREAT GREAT read… thanks for sharing! Stayed up past 12 reading it.. that is my only complaint!

Trish Vance
Nutrition Manager, A World Fit for Kids!