Reviews for “Loving Each Day for Peacemakers”

Loving Each Day for Peacemakers

Loving Each Day for Peacemakers:Choosing Peace Each Day by John-Roger, D.S.S.

“Bestselling author John-Roger has spent the last 30 years teaching the fundamentals of peace. He is founder of Insight Seminars Worldwide, president of Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy, and founder of the Institute for Individual and World Peace. His teachings are based on the premise that world peace can only be achieved by peaceful individuals. This newest book is designed to lead the reader one step at a time into that place within where peace resides, and to teach ways to access it ever more quickly. Each page begins with a quote relating to peace, followed by questions that put the wisdom into a more personal context. Following each lesson is a journal page for recording thoughts and answers to the questions posed. The format of the book is both appealing and practical, making it a pleasure to use as well as inspiring to read. It guides rather than instructs, and leads the reader through a daily practice of feeling and spreading peace.”

Sept/Oct 2002

“A guide, an action plan, a therapy, an instruction manual, a workbook, “Loving Each Day for Peacemakers: Choosing Peace Every Day” shows how to create peace within yourself and your life…. Every day. Filled with simple thoughts and comments that lead the reader into a deeper reflection of themselves. Each page has an exercise to help the reader reach within themselves and realize that if they are to have peace in their life then it has to start within and then provides the guidance needed to make those changes.

A book that belongs on everyone’s bookshelf, not only to be read and worked through, but also just to be there for regular encouragement and direction. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this book.”

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“I love this book! My mother-in-law took my copy and started writing responses to the exercises right away!”

Amy Adams

“John-Roger’s book Loving Each Day for Peacemakers is a must read! One of the major challenges of life is how to stay grounded and centered in today’s high stress environment. In simple, yet thought-provoking language, John-Roger offers words of wisdom on the many variations and colors of the word ‘peace’. He also includes questions designed to help you analyze what you are doing to yourself that might be interfering with your inner peace—and, just as important, questions designed to prod you on how to correct the situation as needed.
This book is destined to become a classic.”

Gail Harris
Captain, United States Navy (Ret)

“Ultimately, we long for Peace. Why not have Peace right now? Why wait? We may ask, ‘What is Peace, where is it sourced, how do we achieve it, and how do we sustain it?’ Loving Each Day for Peacemakers directed me to these answers within myself. I came to know Peace much more dynamically in my life as I used this enlightening book.”

Leigh Taylor-Young
Special Advisor in Arts and Media, United Nations Environment Programme
Emmy Award-winning Actress (“Picket Fences,” “Sunset Beach”)

“This book provides an excellent format for my students, who meet with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and then develop service projects that support peace. It’s an invaluable tool for moving us to the heart of creating peace in our own lives!”

Karey Thorne
Peace Jam, New Mexico