Reviews for “Loving Each Day”

Loving Each Day by John-Roger, D.S.S.

Loving Each Day: Reflections On The Spirit Within by John-Roger, D.S.S.

“Loving Each Day is a book for anyone who is looking fo some guidance. You do not have to be religious in order to appreciate the simplicity of this book.” Book Review

What an impact you’re making on our world. Your God Light is so bright that the world cannot help but be inspired by you who are the message carrier of the Beloved. I’ve been deeply moved, John, by your writings. You make my heart sing and I want to live out of my highest, best Self whenever I read anything that you write.

Thank you for the gift of LOVING EACH DAY and for signing my book as only you can. What comes out of your heart is a blessing and what comes out of your soul is Love incarnate. I shall pass a second book given to me on to someone who needs to hear your kind of spirituality.

God bless you, John, for the wonder of your being.

In gratitude and love, Sister Eileen.