Reviews for “Momentum: Letting Love Lead”

Momentum: Letting Love Lead

Momentum: Letting Love Lead. Simple Practices for Spiritual Living by John-Roger, D.S.S. and Paul Kaye, D.S.S.


Sylvia Browne
Psychic & Spiritual Teacher

“I’ve read hundreds of self-help books and this is the only one you need.”

Patsy R. Murray
Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble

“You have a lot of wonderful information for our listeners, and I got some great feedback on the segment” (radio interview with Dr. Paul Kaye about Momentum).

Lauri Dodd
“Better Living Show”
LIVE 105.3
Dallas, Texas

Borders General Manager Mark Olsen had this to say following a recent Momentum booksigning event with Dr. Paul Kaye: “This is the most successful author booksigning we have had in a very long time.”

Borders Books & Music
St. Louis, Missouri

“I read the first chapter of your book this morning, did the scale of the four areas of my life and even that, seeing how I ranked them, was useful to me.”

Siva Wilde
Santa Fe, NM

“I just received my copy of Momentum Letting Love Lead“….I’m only to chapter 4 but WOW what a book! I love it!”

Christine Halsey
Charlotte, Michigan

Thanks to Paul for being on the show! We had a good time, and I think he had some great tips for our commuting listeners. The book will be an interesting read! (radio interview with Dr. Paul Kaye about Momentum)

Morning Show Skirt, Jeff O’Neil Show
99.3 the FOX

I’ve told my friend numerous times how much I enjoyed the book she gave me last year, “Momentum, Letting Love Lead”. I looked through the book several times shortly after she gave it to me and I’ve had it next to my bed for a long time – I always have several books going at one time – but about two months ago, I was desperate for some inspiration and I started reading “Momentum” again. This time it really spoke to me. The inspiration was so profound that I thought I must have been completely numb for the book to have not meant more to me at the time I initially read it ….. guess my head just wasn’t in a receptive space back then. I continuously practice saying “I love this” during different circumstances. I usually say it during difficult situations – I should start saying it when things are “going good” as well! I have been amazed with how effective this simple little statement has been for me. No matter how little love I may be feeling, no matter how hard it is for me to say it, and even if I don’t think I feel an inch of love, every time I go ahead and say “I love this”, some (if not all) of the load is lifted. Thank you for giving me this gift.

Love, Mindy Fannin
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“John-Roger and Paul Kaye have given us the most valuable of gifts. They have shown us how to live each moment as an occasion for loving.”

Dr. Jean Houston
bestselling author and researcher

“I found Momentum: Letting Love Lead a spiritual gem! No matter which page I turn to, there is a deep insight written in very simple to ready, easy to understand language. It’s a book I know I will read over and over again for many years to come.”

Olivia Hussey

“Let Love Lead you to Momentum!” November 21, 2002

No matter what your religious background, Momentum: Letting Love Lead speaks to the heart, the loving that we all share. In simple terms, John-Roger and Paul Kaye guide us through practical steps for moving towards the loving in all our situations – relationships, finances, health concerns and career.

I love how the book is easy-to-read; it’s like having a friendly chat with spiritual masters who speak to us wherever we are. They speak from their hearts with loving messages of wisdom that we can apply directly and easily in our everyday lives. The teachings of these authors help us to take action to improve our lives with grace and ease.

I found that even after reading this book, I can open it up to any page and find a phrase, practice or quote that is absolutely perfect for me, something inspiring and useful that gets me back on track and away from any negative thinking.

I know I will read this book and use these simple but powerful practices again and again. Momentum is for anyone of any spiritual belief who wants to learn ways to find more joy and fulfillment in their lives. A great gift for yourself, a great gift for a friend!

Terilee Wunderman
Ph.D. from Miami, FL USA 

“A Book for Our Time” December 4, 2002

John-Roger and Paul Kaye have written the definitive book on loving and its fundamental role in our lives. This is not a conventional look at a familiar topic, neither is it wordy or esoteric. The authors take us on a simple, joyful journey – via information, powerful quotes and practical exercises – to a state from which we can live “from the inside out”, loving fully and deeply not just when things are going well but always.

The book is visually appealing, clearly written and uplifting and I believe that it carries a spiritual message that is particularly powerful and relevant for the world today, a message that we cannot afford to ignore.

Sumitra Menon
Sydney, NSW Australia 

From “Momentum, Dejar Que El Amor Guie”, article published in Vanidades Magazine, written by Elizabeth Subercaseaux, book reviewer (translated from Spanish to English)

The message of this book is that the most important thing in this life is loving and after that, a bit more of loving, and then more loving, and when the loving starts to “cool off” we need to do whatever we can to have loving ignite again.

This book has audacious and provocative claims and statements, as well as reflections and very practical applications.

The premise of the book is that we grow, are happier and better people through loving and as a bonus, we have the possibility of making other human beings happy.

The starting point of the book is that : “This book is about being loving in the moment. For years I have wanted to know: Is there a simple solution to our problems, our issues, our challenges in life? After much searching, I have concluded that no matter what we face, we can handle it by being in the moment. In the moment is where we can find all our answers. The trick is to bring ourselves into the moment. What’s more, there is another dimension to being in the moment–and that is to be loving. This is the loving that springs from the depth of our being, our spiritual heart. So, the key to life is to be loving in the moment. Being loving in the moment is an option that is continually available–a choice that everyone has the power to make. It takes enormous strength to stay loving in the face of inner and outer challenges, and the distractions of daily life. But it’s a choice that is well worth making. ”

It has been said that love will heal the world; but the truth, as the authors of this most comforting work point out, is that loving will heal it.

This book is good to read in these times where loving among nations is as far away as Saturn.

Momentum: Letting Love Lead: Simple Practices for Spiritual Living

This wonderful, new book by John-Roger and Paul Kaye, D.SS., speaks to the spiritual heart, the loving that we all share. The book reads like we are having a friendly chat with spiritual masters who speak to us wherever we are. They speak from their hearts with loving messages of practical wisdom that we can apply directly and easily in our everyday lives. No matter what our religious background, the teachings of these authors inspire us to take action to improve our lives with grace and ease and to find the joy and beauty in our learning.

From Momentum, “Most people are playing the Game of Life, trying to make life work. Life already works. How we bring loving into it is the big key. That’s playing the Game of Love, and it’s by far the bigger game.” We can live fulfilling lives not by trying harder, working more, or sleeping less, but by letting love lead us. Instead of looking at our lives and thinking we are restricted, this book teaches us to move into the momentum of love, where we can expand past any perceived limitation and live from a place of freedom and choice.

The feeling of being out of balance in our lives is a sign that there is movement going on. Although we may be tempted to judge this sense of imbalance as negative, movement means change and change leads to growth. The authors write, “It’s a good idea to involve yourself in discovering who you truly are. That way, you can change the things that are not working for you and create positive movement inside of you.” The best thing to do is to follow the motion and to let the natural flow take over. John-Roger and Paul Kaye advocate creating spiritual calm by following rather than fighting the rhythms of daily life. “When you choose to accept rather than demand change, when you choose to support rather than criticize, you choose to love rather than hurt, that is when something inside you stands up and cheers.”

Simple practices and exercises, designed to find love in each moment and to ease anxiety and fears, are taught with humor and gentleness. Momentum teachings are presented in a direct, understandable manner with inspirational quotes accompanying specific steps for experiencing calm and enlightenment within all situations in our lives. Whether it is your first time reading the book or you read it again and again, readers can open to any page and find something uplifting, relevant and, above all, useful and loving for every one of life’s challenges.

Let Love Lead you to the book, Momentum! And let Momentum lead you to the loving in your life!

Teri Wunderman

“The book “Momentum, Letting Love Lead” is such a great book for those of us on the path to enlightenment; and if you’re not on a path, you will be by the time your finished with the book. Great reading. It is not one of those books you try to rush through. It is best to go slowly and absorb the messages/lesson being given and the light that it shines.”

G. A-M