Reviews for “Relationships: Love, Marriage And Spirit”

Relationships - Love, Marriage And Spirit

Relationships – Love, Marriage And Spirit by John-Roger, D.S.S.

“In Relationships: Love, Marriage And Spirit, John-Roger draws upon a lifetime of spiritual leadership and his own unique brand of common sense to take a candid and revealing survey of such relationship issues as living with teens, sexual attitudes and morality, single parenting, blocks to communication, man-woman paradox, children and religion, intimacy and sharing, sexuality and spirituality, desire and celibacy, suffering and jealousy, ending a relationship, and more. A “reader friendly” compendium of sound, sensitive, insightful, practical advice, Relationshipsis highly recommended reading for men and women striving to establish, nurture and maintain loving relationships with friends, family, and each other.”

Internet Bookwatch
Midwest Book Review

“Living on planet Earth can be an art based upon a scientific premise. The art is to approach life as a spontaneous experience. Part of the scientific premise is that you validate your experience.”

“The choices are to live in the present, be bound by the past, or be anxiety-ridden about the future. That person you will meet tomorrow has nothing to do with what you didn’t get from your father 14 years ago. Your mate’s response last night has nothing to do with the restrictions imposed upon you 23 years ago. Your boss’s attitude toward your project has nothing to do with the conditioned fear you brought in with the work. Yet you may go to one another, hurling conditioned ghosts in the face of emotional demands.”
“Do you know who is relating? Not you. Not the original you. You may be relating through the ghosts of your past and, possibly, the fantasies projected into your future.”

“When you find yourself in emotional pain because he said something that hurt you or when you find yourself furious because of her behavior, guess who is out of balance. It is you, playing with your ghosts or fantasies in the haunted rooms of your life. When you were a child, you might have celebrated Halloween once a year and loved to be frightened. As a conditioned adult, you may be playing Halloween every day of your life, and if you are not in touch with love, it can be frightening.”

“I have heard so many people say, ‘But all I want is to be happy.’ No psychiatrist, religious or political leaders, parental figure, author of how-to books, or spiritual master can grant you the power to be either happy or sad. But you can be what you are now and get to what you want by doing what it takes to get there.” – John-Roger

John-Roger’s new book is a pearl in the ocean of books about relationships. He says that all of your relationships are inside of you. Ultimately, each relationship you have with another person reflects your relationship with yourself. As a result, the way you get along with yourself (or don’t) is directly mirrored in your relationsips with others. With chapters on marriage, sex, children, communication, and Spirit, this book shows how we can rise above the “drama of our traumas” and social conditioning, and ground our relationships in our immediate experience.

John-Roger’s Relationships: Love, Marriage, and Spirit offers an uplifting and insightful compendium of commentary and advice on coping in today’s world of mind-boggling relationship options. Written in plain, easy-to-understand text ideal for the non-specialist general reader, Relationships explores right and wrong reasons to get married, as well as emphasizing that marriages based largely on sexual or physical attraction or other limiting constraints are unlikely to endure long term. Clustered together in sections organized around the topics of Marriage; Sex; Children; Communication; Your Relationship With You; and Spirit, individual chapters address the tangled issues of human relationships in all aspects. Relationships is to be highly commended for its “reader friendly” presentation of insightful wisdom and practical advice.

September, 2002