Reviews for “Seeking the Light”

Seeking the Light

Seeking the Light: Uncovering The Truth About MSIA and its Founder John-Roger by James R. Lewis

Seeking the Light is an impressive piece of work. It told me a lot about an organization of which I had known little save what I saw in the media. It is a significant contribution to sociology of religion, especially the reports of research on status, attitudes and motivations of both members and ex-members.

Robert S. Ellwood
Emeritus Professor of Religion, University of Southern California

Lewis’s case study of MSIA is pioneering a maturing phase of the study of New Religious Movements. By combining insights from a generation of studies by sociologists, historians, and comparative religion scholars, he has produced a thorough and balanced study of an important new religion, though one little known apart from the several public controversies in which it has been involved.

J. Gordon Melton
Director, Institute for the Study of American Religion