Reviews for “What’s It Like Being You?”

What's It Like Being You? Living Life As Your True Self

What’s It Like Being You? Living Life As Your True Self by John-Roger, D.S.S. with Paul Kaye, D.S.S.

Here is a work of spiritual brilliance. It combines timeless truths of the soul with new ways of being that guide the reader to who and what they really are. The soul based philosophy offered in this splendid book can only make for a more soulful world, as well as a unique unfolding of one’s essential purpose and destiny.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author & Researcher

This book addresses one of the most important and profound subjects in the whole of human experience…the quest for authenticity…our essential wholeness. We now have a road map and guidebook to the journey: What’s It Like Being You?

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author of Conscious Living & Founder of The Hendricks Institute

With all the self help books flooding the market in today’s society, it is with a breath of fresh air that I find myself reading one that gives inspiration and practical spiritual knowledge.

How often have we all pondered the meaning of life and felt that we were destined for so much more. Well this book explains that the meaning of life is inside us. With their insight, John Roger and Paul Kaye have identified the enigmas we face each day, and then guide us to a practical resolution of the internal conflict we face in trying to find the real us.

With so many people in the world willing to enforce our ‘negative’ selves, it is refreshing to find two inspirational authors who have the ability to lead us out of the confusion and darkness that we falsely perceive as a protective blanket, and into understanding and light.

I found this book enlightening and comforting. The CD that comes with the book took me through a relaxing meditation that left me calm and invigorated, and ready to face the world once again.

If you have wondered who you are and what life has in store for you, this is a must read, for it will aid you in finding your true self, and allow you to understand that life is for living, it is an adventure, and like a good book, nothing is revealed in life until you turn the page. Be accepting of this, and just be yourself, your true self.

Daniel Stapleton 
December 2005 ©
Rolling Seas Reviews

Are you who you are supposed to be? A mother, employee, dedicated worker, community volunteer? Or are you who you truly are? Does your soul soar free; are you happy? Or is it stuck inside under all of the costumes of those people you think you need to be? Can you find yourself in there and come to know your true self?

With the gentle guidance of John-Roger, D.S.S. and Paul Kaye, D.S.S., you certainly can. In “What’s it Like Being You?” you will come to learn the difference between being you and being your true self. Read the text that addresses the topics of who you are, how many yous there are, and the sea of gratitude, and follow the practices that help you focus on the silence, meditation, and exercising your soul. Read about the four spiritual laws of Acceptance, Cooperation, Understanding and Enthusiasm. Then go back through and read the quotes by John-Roger as a way to help attune to your own spirit.

Through the book you will not find strict rules or mantras to follow, but you will find a quiet guidance that can help you to understand yourself better. You will also find additional guidance in the included CD, a guided meditation that reiterates what is in the book. It will become a cherished tool and is the perfect companion to the text.

Readers will delight in the joy they find, through the pages, in themselves and their lives. It is there, you just have to accept it. Everyone is different but I would imagine that everyone who reads “What’s It Like Being You?” will come away having learned something quite valuable.

Thank you,
Zanne Marie Gray

Thank you so very much for writing What’s It Like Being You? It is the most important book I’ve ever read and came to me at just the right time in my life. It is helping me with my intention to remember who I am and to live from the consciousness of my Soul. It is so well written and so filled with love, insight and reminders of truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your constant love and support and wisdom…


What’s it Like Being You? ­ Living Life as Your True Self is co-written by John Roger and Paul Kaye, who have collaborated previously on another book.
Both of these authors are successful and sought-after lecturers, educators and best-selling authors in the self-help and spirituality genres.

This 184-page non-fiction book is jammed packed with helpful commentary
that readers can use in their own lives to change their attitude towards themselves. By doing this, we can learn more about our purpose in life, attain more energy and a positive outlook in every moment of every day.

The heavy, durable cover is designed with large inner flaps that can easily serve as bookmarks. To help readers through the ongoing challenges to attain peace within themselves and in their lives, the authors have provided us with an inspirational meditation CD of just over 45 minutes in

In all, I felt a kin-ship with many parts of What’s it Like Being You? . In fact, it was like the authors had read my book of poetry (Towards Understanding) and translated it for me. I was able to see the journey I have been on from a different angle and I found this comforting.

Certainly, this book has provided helpful advice that will aide me in tuning out the noise and stresses of the world and focus on what this life each moment of every day ­ brings forth.

Lillian Brummet
Co-author of the book Trash Talk, a guide for anyone concerned about his or her impact on the environment, Author of Towards Understanding, a collection of poetry