Reviews for “When Are You Coming Home?”

When Are You Coming Home

When Are You Coming Home? by John-Roger, D.S.S. with Pauli Sanderson, D.S.S.

When Are You Coming Home? John-Roger and Pauli Sanderson ask us in this inspiring and intriguing new book. “Home” in this book is our soul, that divine spark of God within each one of us. John-Roger writes that the soul is the source of our inner knowing, and its inherent nature is joy, peace, compassion, love and laughter. Our soul is forever young and forever experiencing from a place of neutrality and acceptance. No matter what we do, think or feel, we are always welcomed home by the forgiving God within, the One who loves us unconditionally, just as the child is welcomed home by the father in the biblical story of the prodigal son. John-Roger writes that the way to come home, the way to know the Soul, is to be still, listen within, and breathe. Our souls will bring forward exactly what we need to know and learn in the most perfect ways for each and everyone one of us. And our learning is always and in all ways with love.

In this tender memoir of John-Roger’s personal spiritual journey, we get a glimpse into how he has learned to follow his spiritual heart and bring his learning forward to comfort and inspire so many. Written in John-Roger’s friendly conversational tone, this book captured me from the start and made me feel welcome to travel along on John-Roger’s remarkable yet ordinary journey of ever-increasing self-awareness. John-Roger’s openness, humor, and poignant vulnerability touched me deeply and brought me a greater awareness of our oneness and a greater love for our humanness. Even though we may live markedly different lives, we are all souls traveling together on this divine road home.

As I read this book, I felt as though I was with a good friend looking over John-Roger’s shoulder as he discovered more and more about himself. Between the chapters, we are asked to reflect on how the book is resonating within us, to check out how John-Roger’s message works or doesn’t work for us. Although at times my mind struggled to comprehend certain aspects of what John-Roger wrote, my heart resonated with his words and the power of the truth within them. “Love it all,” John-Roger says. His loving comes through strong and clear, and I chose to love my mind in its attempts to analyze what I read. What I found was that I was further comforted, moved, and enlightened about my own spiritual journey. And I experienced an “understanding that surpasses understanding,” just as John-Roger wrote about in this book.

When Are You Coming Home? includes an exquisite guided meditation by John-Roger on CD entitled Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms. This peaceful meditation provides us with a perfect experience for getting to know ourselves as souls and as one with God, what John-Roger calls Soul Transcendence. May this precious book and CD serve as a personal, loving guide to your own soul’s return home. And may your travels within be filled with light and love.

Teri Wunderman
Ph.D. Miami, FL, December 26, 2003