Dream Voyages

Dream Voyages

Dream Voyages by John-Roger, D.S.S.

Do you ever waken and feel that you’ve been doing a lot more than just dreaming? Discover the difference between dreaming and what is known as soul travel. Dream Voyages reveals the fascinating inner world of soul travel and how that can result in heightened spiritual awareness in your waking hours.

Even if you don’t remember your dreams, John-Roger offers ways to delve into the “sleeping” part of your life. Included is guidance on how to use your dreams for your advancement. Out of print for many years, this edition is nearly twice its original size.

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Is there a difference between dreaming and soul travel-- or are they the same? In this groundbreaking volume, John-Roger explains the important difference between dreaming and night travel and its role in spiritual development. Out of print for many years now, this edition is almost twice its original size, filled with new material on this fascinating subject.
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 0-914829-31-9
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