Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom

Forgiveness: The Key To The KingdomJohn-Roger
When resentment towards oneself or another resides in your heart, the only one imprisoned is you. Uplifting and anecdotal in nature, Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom is an insightful book that shows how you can change your perspective with the power of forgiveness, resulting in more freedom and joy.

“It’s really important to realize that the attitude you hold is the attitude that brings to you what’s present in your life.” —John-Roger

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Take a free class on Forgiveness by email or in a chatroom, offered by Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS).  The Forgiveness email class is designed for people who are looking to expand their experience of love and peace in life. Many of the world’s spiritual traditions suggest that in life pain is inevitable, while suffering is chosen. Things happen in life that hurt: We fall and scrape knees, we lose jobs, end relationships, we misunderstand each other, we feel rejected,etc. What we do with those hurts determines how much we suffer, and for how long. Suffering comes from the meaning we give to our experiences. Some of the best tools for giving constructive meaning and ending suffering are forgiveness, loving and gratitude. Click here for more information or to register

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