God is Your Partner

God is Your PartnerJohn-Roger
What’s the difference between tithing and seeding, or for that matter, what are they? How are they supposed to make you more abundant? John-Roger clearly outlines the origins of tithing and seeding and more importantly, he shares how both principles have a direct effect on your health, prosperity and happiness. Full of practical information, this book definitely helps you see God as your financial partner.

Simply said, seeding is the planting of what you want to receive, and tithing is the harvest. Take the message of what I’ve told you here and tell it to other people. The more people who are sowing for the harvest, the richer the valley will be. The storehouses will burst open, and we will all benefit from what we’re doing.
– from the book God is Your Partner

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Take a free email class on Abundance & Prosperity offered by Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS).  In the Abundance and Prosperity class, students learn the deeper spiritual meaning of wealth, abundance, prosperity and riches. As they explore their own concepts about abundance and the results they have produced, students are given the opportunity to bring more Spirit into that aspect of their lives. The spiritual principals of seeding and tithing are presented as ways to bring greater awareness of how God can be their “partner” in life. Students often experience a greater level of abundance and prosperity as they test the principles of seeding and tithing and focus on gratitude for the many ways they are blessed.  Click here for more information or to register.

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Why seed? Why tithe? The primary reason to seed and tithe is to do it for you, so that you can step into the abundance, prosperity and riches that are your heritage as a spiritual being. In this book, John-Roger shares with us about the origins and principles of tithing and seeding and answers many questions, such as how to seed for non-material things, why we tithe on our gross income but not our employment benefits, what to do about our doubts and more.
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 978-1-893020-26-9
Available in: Ebook Hardcover