Inner Worlds of Meditation

Inner Worlds of MeditationJohn-Roger
Discover powerful keys for greater peace, relaxation and spiritual awareness through meditation. Even if you’re a novice, you’ll find that each exercise is clearly explained and carries its own unique benefit.

Audio and CD versions with John-Roger and John Morton explaining and guiding you through each meditation are also available.

“As long as you focus on the outer world, you see imbalance and dis-ease. But there is no need to reside in that because there is a place inside of you wherein resides serenity.” —John-Roger

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How to do Spiritual Exercises

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J-R shares many meditation techniques - the flame meditation, the water meditation, the HU chant, the So-Hawng chant, the THO chant, the RA chant, and a breathing meditation - as well as general information regarding the process of meditation and the inner realms of consciousness that can be reached by going within. This book is a practical guide to your inner worlds of meditation.
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