Interviews with John Morton & John-Roger

Interviews With John Morton John-RogerReligious Scholars Interview the Travelers
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Religious scholars from around the world interview John Morton and John-Roger in this enlightening book that reveals a great deal about the foundation and teachings of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). With frankness and clarity, John-Roger and John Morton discuss the origins of MSIA, how it compares to Eastern religions, and how assisting people towards Soul Transcendence is MSIA’s main purpose. Also recommended as an objective perspective on MSIA is James R. Lewis’ Seeking the Light.

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Religious scholars, looking at MSIA from perspectives that ranged from the origins of MSIA to a comparison with Eastern traditions, did a series of interviews with John-Roger and John Morton that have been compiled into this book. The interviews illustrate the development of MSIA, and the role that John-Roger and John Morton have played in making the work, teachings and guidance of the Mystical Traveler available to those who seek Soul Transcendence into the heart of God.
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