Loving Each Day for Moms & Dads: An Inspirational Guide and Working Journal for Parents to Enrich the Spirit Within

Loving Each Day for Moms & DadsJohn-Roger
Today’s parents and children are faced with difficult issues ranging from doing chores and getting good test scores, to sexual education and violence. In the midst of this fast paced environment, it becomes easy to lose track of the fun and joy in being a parent.

Parenting can have its good times and its hard times. The blessing is in learning how to make the good times more enriching, and how to handle the hard times better. The obvious question is, “How do I do that?”
Loving Each Day for Moms and Dads speaks to the heart of parenting. With one idea on each page, it is meant to evoke a parent’s inner wisdom so that the “how” of parenting comes naturally. The book is designed to assist its readers in having a healthy and happy parenthood, and in raising successful and joyful kids. The pages are perforated for easy removal, allowing the reader to keep the quotes with meaning close at hand, or to give them to friends in need. A journal completes the book, guiding the reader through evocative questions that support parents in taking care of themselves and nurturing those precious lessons and moments shared between mother, father and child.

“Raising a child isn’t always easy, but it can be easier than we sometimes make it. If you relate to your child with loving consideration and respect, when that child gets to be sixteen, you probably won’t have a problem on your hands. You’re going  to have a friend who will be a joy and a comfort.” — John-Roger, from the book

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Loving Each Day: Reflections on the Spirit Within
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 1-893020-09-6
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