Relationships: Love, Marriage And Spirit

Relationships - Love, Marriage And SpiritJohn-Roger
Humor, intelligence, and wisdom infuse this gem of a book. Approaching relationships from a unique foundation that eliminates the word “victim,” the author puts us at the heart of our own lives with an attitude of learning and growing as we meet the challenges of love.

“You can break the patterns of unhappiness and helplessness by accepting a simple truth: when you leave that someone else, whether a lover, a spouse, a colleague, a boss, a parent, etc., you are still stuck with whatever is inside of you that causes that unhappiness. That doesn’t make you bad or wrong. In fact, once you realize that the source of your unhappiness is within you, then you are in a position to change and transform that source.” – John-Roger


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Relationships: Love, Marriage And Spirit
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 1-893020-05-3
Available in: Hardcover