Sex, Spirit & You

Sex, Spirit & You

Sex, Spirit & You by John-Roger, D.S.S.

What is the relationship between sex and spirituality? With sensitivity and clarity, John-Roger addresses these questions and more. Sex, Spirit & You presents information firmly founded in physiological, psychological and emotional fact and integrates it with spiritual wisdom.

John-Roger deals with sex as a natural function of the body rather than something shameful, healing separation between our body and our Soul. The book presents a fascinating discussion of why women often experience pain in their menstrual cycles and what they can do to lessen it. It describes how men have sexual cycles, too, and that some kinds of weight gain can be caused by blocked sexual energy. Sex, Spirit & You deals with charged issues like birth control, prostitution, homosexuality and masturbation, addressing each with clarity and frankness.

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Sex, Spirit & You
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 1-893020-03-7
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