Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual WarriorL.A. Times #1 Healthy Bestseller

The introduction to Spiritual Warrior states, “Since I am a practical man, this is a practical book.” Full of wisdom, humor, common sense, hands-on tools for spiritual living and loving, this book offers practical tips for living more successfully each day and countering negative habits and destructive relationships.

Even when confronted with adversity, the classic warrior holds fast to his values and principles. But while most warriors march off to subdue a perceived enemy, Spiritual Warriors follow a different path, marching into their own innermost center. They strive to perfect the internal discipline that will keep them attuned to God (or Spirit, if you prefer that term) as they journey through this world.
— John-Roger


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Spiritual Warrior
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 0-914829-36-X
Available in: Hardcover