The Rest Of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved

The Rest of Your LifeJohn-Roger, D.S.S.
Leading a more fulfilling life is made possible with this innovative guide that shows that rest is not just an action, but an attitude. The rush of the outside world can lead to stress and exhaustion, but when approached correctly, life can actually be lived in a relaxing and tranquil manner. A series of reflections and short meditations provided on the included audio CD demonstrate how to find the inner peace that ultimately leads to a proper state of rest; not just calming and healthy, adequate rest also provides the necessary energy to respond appropriately when the moment of action arrives.

Are you continually resurrecting the joy of your Spirit within you?
Are you allowing space inside of you for regeneration and renewal?

Are you taking time for what is most important in your life?

If the answer is no, you didn’t get it. If yes, you are well on your way and you will keep transforming. And one day, you will look at yourself in a mirror and see the one you’ve been looking for: The Beloved.

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The Rest Of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 9781893020436
Available in: Paperback Hardcover