Timeless Wisdoms, Volume 2

Timeless Wisdoms, Volume 2John-Roger, D.S.S.
Quotations by John-Roger that are both inspirational and practical guide the reader through the spiritual adventure of daily life. John-Roger’s work is unique in awakening in the reader a true mystical vision while at the same time providing clear and comprehensive guidance in how to maintain our inner balance as we navigate life in the modern world. A loving devotion to God, and to humans in all their frailty and magnificence and idiosyncrasy, infuses John-Roger’s words as he shows us how to use each experience as a light on the path of spiritual growth. Humorous and playful, pragmatic and profound, these quotes are interweaved with the ethereal photography of David Sand to provide a kick-start for the reader to enter into meditation, and from there into the deep peace and beauty of the inner journey of awakening to our true self.

“The face of God is in everything you experience. The face of God is never hidden from you. You only hide it from yourself when you do not look at what is so, when you do not look at reality, when you pretend that you can make some ideal of yours supercede what reality is.”
– John-Roger (from the book)

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Timeless Wisdoms, Volume 2
Published by: Mandeville Press
ISBN: 9781893020511
Available in: Paperback