When Are You Coming Home? A Personal Guide To Soul Transcendence

When Are You Coming HomeJohn-Roger, DSS with Pauli Sanderson, DSS
Dr. John-Roger is a man who has successfully integrated the material with the spiritual and used every life experience to teach himself how to go home to the heart of God. In the process he found the teachings of Soul Transcendence – knowing ourself as a soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Pauli Sanderson take you on one man’s spiritual journey that will energize and provide insights into your own.

Along with the fascinating stories from John-Roger’s life, you will discover:

* Practical tools, techniques, and methods you can test and use to prove to yourself the reality of your relationship with God.

* Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms, an audio CD that guides you through doors to awareness you may not have recognized before.

* A “map” of the inner realms of Spirit to provide reference points as you have more conscious spiritual experiences.

You will also know the reality that:

We all have a direct connection to God.

All the answers we seek are already present – and accessible – inside of us as we learn to hear them.

Love, peace and joy are the inherent qualities of the Soul, and they are ours to experience here and now regardless of the outer circumstances of life.

Like the father in the story of the Prodigal Son, which inspired this book, God loves you unconditionally.

The outer life of the man John-Roger is captivating, but essentially ordinary. His inner life is an extraordinary adventure. Through reading of it, you will know that you can make your spiritual dreams a reality. That is what this book puts within your reach.

Soul Transcendence is about choosing. Choosing love over hate. Choosing peace over war. Choosing kindness over harshness. Choosing hope over despair. Soul Transcendence is for when you want to stop playing the game of life and play the game of loving instead.


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When Are You Coming Home? A Personal Guide To Soul Transcendence
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