A Lovely Book Launch for John Morton’s New Book “You Are the Blessings”

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
by Penelope Bright, photos by David Sand

John Morton book launch for "You Are The Blessings"

John Morton at the book launch for his new book “You Are The Blessings” at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles, March 18, 2008

Click here to view a photo slideshow by David Sand from the “You Are The Blessings” book launch with John Morton, March 18, 2008.

The air was cool and crisp in Los Angeles, as my husband and I walked the few blocks from our home to the world famous Farmers Market, and on to the Barnes & Noble at The Grove. People came from all over the city to participate in John Morton’s book launch and signing of his gorgeous new book, You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.

There is a special area on the third floor of Barnes & Noble at the Grove set aside for group meetings, with rows of folding chairs. This was where our event was being held. John’s book was perched throughout the store, near the cashiers and all over the shelves. With its exquisite cover photo of a tiny, beautiful baby the book has an instant pull on the heart.

The NOW Productions crew had already been at the store for several hours, setting up video and audio recording equipment, lighting the space for best advantage, and running microphones and speakers so that everyone within earshot could hear. Angel Gibson, Olga Schmal and their team of volunteers set out food –cookies, coffee, tea, and delicious treats of all kinds, while outside dusk quietly descended.

John-Roger You Are The Blessings

John-Roger at the book launch for John Morton’s new book “You Are The Blessings”, March 18, 2008

The Barnes and Noble representative introduced Leigh Taylor-Young, who spoke briefly and eloquently about John’s new book, and then introduced John Morton. Also sitting up front at the side of the room (a special treat) were John-Roger and Michael Hayes, along with Nat Sharratt.

John spoke from his heart, generously, giving loving wisdom and good humor. He was splendid and transcendent, and spoke about the true nature of who we are, freedom from negativity, and freeing our imprisoned selves. He recommended assisting others through service, letting go, and clearing. In that way, we all contribute to the Greater Good.

And then John spoke the magic words, “Baruch Bashan,” which mean “The Blessings Already Are”, and John brought his talk to an end. Everyone who had bought a book or three lined up, and John began autographing, personalizing each book in a very special way. Word has it that he stayed until the very last book was signed. That’s our beloved John Morton. He is a blessing — and you are the blessings too.

You Are the Blessings by John Morton, DSS is available for purchase online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble and in your local bookstore.

“The Rest of Your Life” Book Launch with Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles

by Ania Sara, photos by David Sand

JR and Paul Kaye

Dr. Paul Kaye (left) and Dr. John-Roger at the book launch for their latest book “The Rest of Your Life” at Barnes & Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles, November 30, 2007

Click here to view a photo slideshow by David Sand from “The Rest of Your Life” book with John-Roger & Paul Kaye.

On Friday evening, November 30th, I made my way to Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles for the book launch of the new book The Rest Of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved by Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye. I was excited to be reporting on this particular event because Drs. John-Roger and Paul Kaye can be as humorous as they are knowledgeable and inspiring when writing about practical spirituality.

I arrived early and found NOW Productions setting up. On the third floor, where the event was held, there was the buzz of excitement and busy bees making sure every detail was handled before guests started to arrive.

Before the start of the event, the entire area was full of people buying a multitude of The Rest of Your Life books. It was a standing-room-only event that extended itself out into the rows of bookshelves throughout the third floor.

Dr. Paul Kaye began the evening, speaking about the creation of the book in his insightful and witty way. Paul told us about wanting more ease and rest in life and how the book naturally evolved from that. Paul then took a poll of the audience, asking how many people would like more rest in their life. We got quite a few hands in the air.
Paul then spoke about relaxing and the simple act of watching our breathing. Paul had us pause for ten seconds to experience the natural flow of our breath. He went on to explain and demonstrate breathing as a way to rest and to experience the Beloved inside. “Be loved,” he said, and the experience of the Beloved filled the room.

Paul then read a passage from the book about ordinariness. It was a wonderful story from John-Roger about ordinariness being a prior condition to God. That one story is worth the full price of the book! Don’t miss out on reading it!

Dr. John-Roger then joined Paul to take questions from the audience. John-Roger shared about being the Beloved inside of us. The message was to love who you are, relax and enjoy yourself, laugh and be happy, enjoy others and let go of judgments. During this very lively question and answer portion of our evening there was continuous joy and laughter in the group and both John-Roger and Paul Kaye were very funny the entire time. John-Roger was also profound, in a way that cannot be described in words, it was a gift to all of us who were there to partake. And, Paul picked up the ball from J-R on many occasions, skillfully answering questions with truths from the book and in his own inimitable style.

There were many people stopping in the store to see what all the laughter was about. The Light was very present, Spirit was sweeping through the room. After the Q&A session was complete, it was booksigning time and the line wound throughout the third floor. Participants joyfully waited in line to get their books signed by J-R and Paul and to have their moment of loving with both of them.

This book is a must have. It’s beautifully put together and would make a delightful holiday gift for friends and family. It is available online now at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

God Bless each and every one of you reading this now, and happy holidays.

And this from Angel Gibson:

J-R and Paul went until the store closed at 11pm signing books. So far the tally of books sold is over 442 (the store asked to have the last 3 books autographed to sell there). We also sold several of J-R’s classic books, some of which were Loving Each Day, What’s It Like Being You? and Forgiveness.

One of the sales clerks told me that at least one person who was not “at” the event, but was overhearing the event, asked to buy The Rest of Your Life book that was being sold at the event in addition to their own purchases. What also was refreshing to me was the number of younger people who came over because of the buzz and party atmosphere…several of them stayed for quite a while at the event, listening as they were munching on goodies and having something to drink.

Love, Grace and so much joy abounded.

Dr. John-Roger & Dr. Pauli Sanderson Launch Their New Book “When Are You Coming Home?” To A Standing-Room-Only Crowd in Los Angeles

by Penelope Bright, photos by David Sand

JR at "When Are You Coming Home" Book Signing

John-Roger at the launch of his new book, co-authored by Dr. Pauli Sanderson, “When Are You Coming Home?”

November 23rd, 2003, at Barnes & Noble Bookstore at The Grove

Click here for the photo slideshow from John-Roger and Pauli Sanderson’s Book Launch of When Are You Coming Home?.

A festive atmosphere greeted everyone arriving at The Grove on Sunday, November 23rd in Los Angeles, as MSIAers flocked to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore where Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Pauli Sanderson launched their new book, When Are You Coming Home?The third floor of the bookstore was overflowing with eager participants who filled all of the available chairs and then spilled out into the book aisles, standing anywhere that they could find space.

The Barnes & Noble representative introduced John-Roger and Dr. Pauli Sanderson. John-Roger began his talk by reading passages from the book, and then answered questions from individuals in the audience. He was funny, gracious, generous with his time, and obviously full of merriment as he spoke about patterns of addiction, about gossiping and its effects, and about why human beings do the things they do.

Then J-R turned the proceedings over to Pauli Sanderson. As a former colleague of J-R’s prior to his MSIA days and also the first administrator of MSIA, Pauli’s stories and anecdotes from the “early days” of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness are many, varied, and often very funny. Stories from J-R’s life can be found in the When Are You Coming Home? book. Pauli was charming as she told about her (seven year) process of putting the book together. Pauli took questions from the audience too, after J-R lovingly encouraged her to talk longer.

Over 600 books were sold (reserves had to be brought in!), and just about everyone stood in line to have their books autographed by both authors. Everyone, that is, except the Peace Theological Seminary’s Doctoral students who were under time constraints to return to their class in Santa Monica. Line standing is one of the more venerable traditions in MSIA, often leading to laughter, catching up with old friends, romances, and occasional dancing (it was very entertaining watching David Rodgers, of the Institute for Individual & World Peace, learning a few new samba moves from the adorable Ariel Downs, age 13 and an avid ballroom enthusiast!). The Farmers Market/Grove retail area was also holding a televised tree lighting ceremony starring Jack Espey as their Santa Claus. Jack, formerly of the Windermere Ranch, sports “Santa whiskers” all year round — a definite plus in this season!

MSIA’s marketing staff provided great service as usual, gathering books for the Doctoral students, bringing them to the 2101 Wilshire building in Santa Monica, and then low and behold, John-Roger showed up at the end of class to sign the students’ books. He and Pauli sat in the lobby at 2101 signing books until all of the students’ books were signed. What a treat!

You can buy the When Are You Coming Home Book at your local bookstore or online at Amazon.com. Don’t miss these fascinating stories from John-Roger’s life. The book takes you on John-Roger’s spiritual journey and will energize and provide insights into your own. Enjoy!