Frequently Asked Questions

How do book buyers order Mandeville Press books by John-Roger and John Morton?

Commercial book buyers can order Mandeville Press titles through IPG (Independent Publishers Group) at: (800) 888-4741. Mandeville Press titles are also available through Ingram.

Who is John-Roger?

A teacher and lecturer of international stature, with millions of books in print, John-Roger is a luminary in the lives of many people around the world. For over three decades, his wisdom, humor, common sense and love have helped people to discover the Spirit within themselves and find health, peace, and prosperity.

With two co-authored books on the New York Times Bestseller List to his credit, and more than three dozen self-help books and audio albums, John-Roger offers extraordinary insights on a wide range of topics. He is the founder of the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) which focuses on Soul Transcendence; Chancellor of the University of Santa Monica; President of Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy; and founder of the Institute for Individual and World Peace and of Insight Transformational Seminars.

John-Roger has given over 5,000 lectures and seminars worldwide, many of which are televised nationally on his cable program, “That Which Is,” through the Network of Wisdoms. He has been a featured guest on “Larry King Live,” “Politically Incorrect,” “The Roseane Show,” and appears regularly on radio and television.

An educator and minister by profession, John-Roger continues to transform lives by educating people in the wisdom of the spiritual heart.

Who is John Morton?

John Morton’s life is dedicated to peace and to assisting people in discovering the Divinity within themselves and in everything. He is the Spiritual Director of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), an ecumenical church that teaches practical spirituality and Soul Transcendence.

Since 1979, John has spoken and conducted workshops all over the world for MSIA, Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy, the Institute for Individual and World Peace, Insight Seminars, and other organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives. Along with his wife, Laura Donnelley-Morton, John is co-founder of the Good Works Foundation, created to support good works wherever they are found.

John is known for his ability to lift and inspire listeners with his gentleness and practical approach. In all of the work that he does, John focuses on the good in all and sharing that goodness with others. His devotion to this work of the Spirit is an inspiration to those touched by his example.

Are John-Roger and John Morton available for book promotion events?

Yes. You can contact Mandeville Press to arrange book promotions and other author events. We can be reached by email: books@mandevillepress.org or at: (323) 737-4055, ext. 155 or FAX at (323) 737-5680.

Can I order one book through Mandeville Press?

If you are consumer you may purchase books by Mandeville Press at your local bookstore or you can buy books through our online store.

Which bookstores carry books by Mandeville Press?

Major chain stores like Barnes and Noble, Borders, Waldens all carry books by Mandeville Press. Many independent bookstores like the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, Transitions in Chicago or the Arc in Santa Fe, also carry these books. Any bookstore can order any Mandeville Press title for you. They simply need the title and author, and it may be helpful if you know the ISBN number of the book; click here to check the ISBN number of a specific book.

Does Mandeville Press accept unsolicited manuscripts?

At this time, Mandeville Press publishes books by John-Roger and John Morton or books about John-Roger and the organizations he founded. We are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time. Please contact us before sending any manuscripts to Mandeville Press.