Sample Chapter: Momentum, Letting Love Lead

Momentum: Letting Love Lead

Momentum: Letting Love Lead by John-Roger, D.S.S. with Paul Kaye, D.S.S.

People often say that love will cure the world. But this is not exactly true. It is loving that cures the world.

Loving is action. Loving is manifestation. Loving is movement.
Loving is the consciousness of giving.

This book is about being loving in the moment.

For years I have wanted to know: Is there a simple solution to our problems, our issues, our challenges in life? After much searching, I have concluded that no matter what we face, we can handle it by being in the moment. “In the moment” is where we can find all our answers. The trick is to bring ourselves into the moment.

What’s more, there is another dimension to being in the moment—and that is to be loving. This is the loving that springs from the depth of our being, our spiritual heart. So, the key to life is to be loving in the moment. Being loving in the moment is an option that is continually available—a choice that everyone has the power to make. It takes enormous strength to stay loving in the face of inner and outer challenges, and the distractions of daily life. But it’s a choice that is well worth making.

Being loving in the moment is practical spirituality. Practical spirituality is about applying spiritual concepts to day-to-day living. You don’t have to try to be spiritual. You already are. But you may have to undo the effects of conditioning to discover your fundamental nature, which is love.

I invite you to use this book to discover ways to engage in the bigger game, the Game of Love. The chapters include simple practices that provide ways to begin putting into use the ideas presented. Between chapters are sections called Reflections on Loving that are designed to assist you in attuning to love. These sections, which focus on such themes as relationships, challenges and self-mastery, can also be used as a spiritual practice. Re-reading and reflecting on the text is a simple way of bringing your awareness to loving in the moment. The quotes in the book, unless indicated otherwise, are by John-Roger.

The ideas in this book are not specific to any religion. They are based on universal principles found in the world’s wisdom traditions. There’s no need to adopt any particular beliefs, or give up your existing faith or spiritual practices, to find these tools and techniques useful.

Ultimately, spirituality isn’t learned from just reading a book. Question the ideas presented in these pages, try out the practices, allow these principles to come alive inside you. Spirituality must be grasped intuitively and experienced directly by each one of us. The voice of your loving becomes clearer as you practice listening to it. The spiritual heart always knows the truth.