Sample Chapter: Sex, Spirit & You

Sex, Spirit & You

Sex, Spirit & You by John-Roger, D.S.S.


Different sexual expressions produce different results, and some may be easier to handle than others. One result of a great deal of unselective sexual expression can be illness in the body, such as venereal disease. Another result can be the scattering of creative energy that could be channeled in a more positive direction. Yet another result might be confusion and a loss of identity because of receiving too many frequencies into the body.

The sexual relationship is a rapid way of mixing your frequencies with those of your partner. That is why it can be a rapid way to lose your own identity. You can become confused about who you are and lose your conscious direction. If you engage in a sexual relationship with someone who is also having sexual relations with others, you will receive not only that person’s frequency but the frequencies and emotions of those with whom he or she has exchanged energies. You become the “garbage collector,” and that can be hell. Then you may become so unsure of your identity and worth that you give up the dignity of your consciousness and allow the lower desire patterns of your nature to run your life.

Promiscuous sexual encounters can confuse you on many levels. Because sexual and spiritual creativity reside so close together, sexual activity can compromise the spirituality, leaving you even more open to pick up the frequency of the last person you encountered in the sexual relationship. When people enter into great confusion–“I don’t understand; I am confused; I don’t know who I am”–it may be one of the indicators that they are being promiscuous.

Be careful about making a judgment, however, because it may be that they are growing rapidly in Spirit. Such total growth can also bring a form of confusion. When you are growing in a departmentalized way, you feel good about it because you can label what’s happening and control it fairly well. When you are experiencing a total growth, a growth on all levels around and within you, you may experience a certain amount of confusion. When you go beyond your confusion and look back, you’ll understand what has been going on.

If you’re going to have a sexual relationship with someone, do yourself a favor and have it with the most enlightened person you can find. For example, if a man goes to the area where the “sidewalk princesses” hold reign and enters into the entertainment,
not knowing how many “princes” she has already entertained that evening, he may walk away with a great deal of discord and confusion in his beingness. If she has many frequencies around her, he may pick them up.

If a man is promiscuous for a period of time and then decides to settle down with one special woman, he may have a hard time because he has these other frequencies for comparison. Maybe his wife doesn’t shower one night or forgets to use breath spray, or maybe the stockings have been hanging in the bathroom for two days. It doesn’t take much; little things can turn him off, but he can learn to look past these areas to the Spirit within.

Remember that God dwells in essence within each person. If you go into the sexual action as lust, your partner may turn you away with confusion afterward. Loving someone does not necessarily mean that you look to him or her for fulfillment, but that you are both looking in the same direction. This is a key. If you both look in the same direction and then turn to look at each other for a moment, you can’t really do anything wrong. Everything you do will be spiritually right. Then when you enter into sexual intercourse, you will experience your spiritual energies blending with the physical energies of the body.

If you look in the same direction and don’t see the same things and then you look at each other, you will confuse yourselves spiritually. Then the sexual relationship may become one of deceit and lust, instead of spiritual love. The Bible tells us not to commit adultery. Part of that is not to adulterate the spiritual energies. Sexual promiscuity by either partner creates great difficulty.

It’s best to be highly selective in the choice of your sexual partner and to be honest in your relationship. If it is just a lust relationship, be honest about that. You may still get the confusion of the various frequencies, but you won’t experience guilt as well. If you enter into a sexual relationship in deceit and dishonesty, however, you will create a karmic indebtedness that may be difficult to handle. I hope you understand this; it’s important.

I once counseled a woman who had built up great fantasies in the sexual area. When she saw men to whom she was attracted, she created fantasies that excited her emotionally and caused the erotic areas of her body to prepare for a sexual fulfillment that might not occur. This was really unrequited love, which can be frustrating. Over a period of time this frustration can be detrimental to the consciousness because the person walks around in confusion.

After working with this woman and helping her release the karma that produced all this, I received a phone call from her. She said, “I’ve lost my libido. I don’t feel the things I used to feel. I don’t feel alive.” I said, “Are you talking about your sex drive?” She said yes. I said, “Well, why don’t you call it that? There’s nothing wrong with the sex drive. It’s very nice in its place.”

This woman had tilted the balance so far in the direction of sexual relationships that she had indebted herself in the sexual, psychic, emotional, mental, and etheric areas. As this was being balanced, she was finding
herself in a neutral state. This caused her concern, and she asked, “How long do I remain in this neutral state?”
I said, “Do you want to go back to those other feelings and experiences? Do you want to go back into those patterns?”
She said, “Oh, no.”

I said, “This time is set aside for you so that you’re not being pushed around by the creative energies that come from the lower part of your body, so that you can contemplate and lift yourself spiritually and bring your life into the order that it has been lacking all these years.

She said, “That’s fine, but am I ever going to have a normal sex life again?”
I said, “I haven’t the slightest idea what’s normal for you. If ‘normal’ means having sex four times a day, I doubt that you’re going to get that back.”

She said, “It’s difficult because I’m living with a man and not enjoying it.”

I said, “Did you ever stop to think that your karma with that person might be over?”

She said, “Yes, I thought of that. But will I get back my sex drive?”

I said, “You have never lost your sex drive.”

She was having difficulty understanding that the creativity she had been expressing as sexual intercourse was now being lifted into the spiritual and was moving away the things around her that had confused her. She said, “I do feel much better. I feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally, and I realize that I haven’t been bothered for two months by those old fantasies and emotions. But yesterday, I started wondering why I wasn’t having all those urges I used to have.” With that, she had again set herself up in confusion, which was all a part of her growth and her learning.

When people feel their sexual urge backing off, they often think they’re losing their abilities. So they rush out to see how many people will have sex with them, and then they can really enter into confusion.

People often ask me, “Who is it all right to have sex with?” My point of view is, “With anybody you want; you’re doing it.” Many people wonder if they’re picking up karma from being involved this closely with another person. The answer is yes, there is an exchange of certain karmic things between two people who are sexually involved. People often tell me that they don’t want to pick up karma, yet they still want to be involved in sexual activity with another human being, feeling that this is part of their expression in the world. My suggestion is to find someone with a very bright spiritual Light who is moving toward God so there won’t be too much difficulty in the relationship.

The problem here is that so many people proclaim themselves holy: “Here I am, moving toward God. I really am spiritual.” There is a lot of spiritual deceit going on, particularly on the word level. Give people time, however, and most of them will demonstrate by their actions where they are spiritually.

If the Traveler is working with you in Spirit, what you do on these lower levels will not stop that spiritual work. You can suit yourself. Remember, however, that what you do may stop or delay your realization of the work that is going on in Spirit. The choices are yours. The Traveler doesn’t care what you decide, because as long as you agree to work together to release you into higher spiritual consciousness, then that’s the work the Traveler does.