Sample Chapter: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise

Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise by John-Roger, D.S.S.

Chapter 6: The Light

The Light is the energy of Spirit that pervades all levels of consciousness. It is an energy that is of God. It is pure, uncorrupted, and available for our use.


Spirit is energy, the force that activates the human consciousness and gives it life. Spirit individualizes itself as Soul and so resides closely within each consciousness. Many people have said that a human being has a Soul, but it is closer to reality to say that the Soul has a human being.

As I have explained, the experience of God, with which we are all involved, is made up of positive energies and negative energies much like a battery is made up of positive and negative energies. It takes both to make it a working unit. Present as the negative pole of this total spiritual experience are what we call the lower realms: the physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric realms. Present as the positive pole are the Soul and Spirit as the pure energy of God. These two
poles working together are what we call the Light.

The energies of the negative pole of experience are more apparent when you are here in the physical realm. This level is their territory, and they can be quite powerful. But as you attune your consciousness more and more to the energies of the positive pole, to your spiritual self, you find that the spiritual Light can override any negativity. You learn to bring all the levels of your consciousness into the flow of the Light; then the positive energy extends itself through all the negative realms, and you find every level of your life becoming a manifestation of God’s love and grace.

The energy of the Light is the spiritual force that is present within and that activates all things. It is everywhere to a greater or lesser degree. The Light is more active in a tree than it is in a rock, and it is more active in a deer than it is in a tree, but it is present in all of them, although they may not be consciously aware of it. The presence of the Light is most active within the human consciousness, and the human consciousness is unique in its ability to be consciously aware of the Light and to work as a co-creator with the energy of Light.