Sample Chapter: Living Love From The Spiritual Heart

Living Love

Living Love From the Spiritual Heart by John-Roger, D.S.S.

Loving It All
The key to breaking free is to love yourself and to love each experience that comes to you whether it appears to be negative or positive. Love it all equally. Love it all, own it all—and you will be free.

Enough love will handle all things. If you are having difficulty handling something, you don’t have enough love for that thing. So your next step is laid out right in front of you: get some more love. If there are still areas of your life that cause you difficulty, bless them. Indeed, those areas are your blessings because they move you to seek the Kingdom of God. If all things were perfect here, you might forget all about your spiritual direction.

When you can look at your life in perspective, you will see the humor of it. Enjoy it. Enjoy yourself in all your escapades. When you do, it’s easy for the loving to come present and manifest itself in everything you do. So love your depression, love your despair, love your anger, love your confusion, love your upset. Love is the key—total, unconditional love. Even when you don’t feel like loving, you love the feeling of not feeling like loving.

When things are going badly, sit down and say, “I love me anyway.” Keep chanting your tone, keep loving yourself, and keep on keeping on. Even your negative experiences are gifts from Spirit to build your strength, your awareness, your empathy, and your loving, so thank God for them. When you are secure in your knowledge of God’s love for you, you know that everything that happens is to lift you and move you closer to your own divinity. I found out a long time ago that what the Lord does is perfect, and there is nothing designed to hurt or harm you.

Love your karma, also. It is your opportunity to learn and to gain wisdom. By loving even your negative creations, you can shift their energy and release karma. You have the opportunity to change the karmic flow of your life through your ability to be loving. By loving the God in yourself and others, you can move into a path of greater unfoldment. Instead of looking at the factors of your life and saying, “That’s my karma, so I can’t help it,” you might say, “That’s my karma, and I will fulfill it so I am free.” Through loving, you can complete your karma.

The Traveler is working to show you how to live a life of honesty and integrity and to be a responsible creator. He won’t do it for you or take those lessons from you, but he loves you through anything you create. He’s with you and supports you as you build your own inner support system and keep it activated so that you have the strength to travel the upward path and reach Soul consciousness. The Traveler goes through it all with you because he loves you. All you have to do is turn towards the Traveler. He is always with you, and you’ll always find him as soon as you look inside.
You are blessed and you are loved because you are divine. You never walk one step of your life path alone, for the Light of God is always with you.