To Afghanistan and Back: Author John Morton Reports on First-Hand Experiences with Relief Efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan

by Mandeville Press staff

January 29, 2002: John Morton D.S.S., author of The Blessings Already Are, returned this past weekend from Afghanistan and Pakistan where he was doing humanitarian aid support work. Mr. Morton’s first-hand experiences in the medical clinics and refugee camps give us a timely, inside look at the people, the culture, and the current situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mr. Morton was assisting in the humanitarian efforts of Wheels for Humanity, a California-based nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs to people in need, and the Pakistani Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), a relief organization in Pakistan and Afghanistan. During his visit to Afghanistan, Mr. Morton was received by a group of local doctors in association with PIMA and other nongovernmental organization (NGOs).

The doctors took Mr. Morton on an extensive tour of the hospitals and clinics that are the backbone of relief efforts in Afghanistan, and Mr. Morton returns to the United States having seen first-hand what life is like behind the scenes of news reports on TV. He has many insights and stories to share about a country and people who have endured generations of war on their own soil.

Mr. Morton has traveled the world extensively to serve and assist others, often in difficult circumstances, including the Middle East, South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, and most recently Afghanistan. He is known for his ability to find the blessings in any situation, and to assist others in doing the same.

John Morton is available for interviews from January 28 until February 3, when he leaves the country again for Australia. Topics he can speak about include:

• First-hand experiences of the Afghani and Pakistani people, and how they related to him as an American
• Stories of the relief medical clinics, facilities and doctors, including his experiences visiting the Mir Weil Hospital while al-Qaida fighters were holed up there refusing to surrender
• The great need for charity work and volunteer assistance in Afghanistan
• Experiences traveling in Afghanistan and Pakistan
• Experiences of the refugee camps
• How Americans can come to terms with the threat of terrorism
• How to find the blessings even in the midst of difficult situations

To arrange an interview, please contact Angel Gibson at 323-737-4055, x155.